“Environmentally friendly high technology solutions”


NexLube gives back to the communities where it does business.

The re-refining process creates a green industry based on recycling a waste material (used oil) into a valuable consumer product (lubricants). NexLube will contribute to the economy of Florida with a large capital expenditure to build its facility, is hiring 1,000 construction workers to work on the site, and creating more than 750 new direct and indirect “Green” jobs.

Helping to Meet Challenges

  • NexLube’s re-refinery and blending plant is situated on a brownfield site within the Tampa Port Authority. NexLube invested money and energy to turn this site into a cutting-edge re-refinery that will benefit the community
  • NexLube’s process will utilize waste water produced in the process, reclaimed water, storm water and petroleum contact water collected onsite to conserve as much fresh water as possible
  • We strive to protect the land, water, and natural resources of the State of Florida


NexLube is committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers while also being committed to our neighbors with a mission of clean water, clean air and a safe environment.

We believe that re-refining used oil is the Responsible Action as a society. It has environmental, economic, and social benefits, and encompasses the concept of stewardship through the responsible management of waste disposal and resource usage. The re-refining process addresses the EPA's goal to discover “Environmentally friendly high technology solutions.” We encourage all governmental agencies, private companies and the public to properly dispose of the used oil they generate by sending it to re-refineries, instead of burning it as a fuel.

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