Asphalt Flux - A 1000

Asphalt Flux is a thick tar-like material that results from a controlled re-refining process.


  • For use by the paving industry (as a component of their asphalt paving mix)
  • For the roofing industry (in the manufacture of roofing and coating materials)
  • Specialty industrial applications (for waterproofing, joint sealing, crack fillers, adhesives, and other specialty uses)


Specification Test Method

Typical (*)

Appearance Visual Black
Density @ 15C, kg/m3 D-1298 1150
Specific Gravity @ 60F/60F D-287 0.94
API @ 60F D-4052 14.6
Viscosity, cSt @ 100C D-2170 1250
Sulfer %, wt  D-4294 0.9
Flash Point, F, COC D-92 490

(*) Expected product specifications

Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safety and handling information. To obtain the MSDS sheet, please contact NexLube
Click HERE for the Asphalt Flux specification sheet

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